Sunday, December 25, 2005

Circle Park Local Heroes

Here is an e-mail I sent to my son and to a few folks that I had
e-mail addresses for. I will leave my e-mail unedited except to try to fix my grammar. < grin >

But the list of local heroes is growing daily. I will add a few after the original e-mail.

Thanks to all of you who are walking the talk!

December 23, 2005

Joe, my son:

There's a P.S. to Kurt in this note regarding the estimates of discarded edible food.

If I don't write this somewhere, I know I'll have a panic attack!

If anything happens to me < grin > before I can write a public acknowledgement-- please thank everyone who has helped in
one way or another and did not get printed up in the CityLife.

In talking with Emmily (the reporter) and in my "cheat notes" that I gave her, I tried to mention everyone (individuals, ministries, etc.) [who have] been helping with the homeless and the needy.

A few people I did not mention by name for "obvious reasons" even though they have been of GREAT help.

Interviews and articles I'm sure are hard because one just does not have the time or space to scream out every person and every action that they have performed.

Thank you to everyone below and also to those that I choose not to name only for your (and our) protection.

Mom from Circle Park (Gail Sacco)

P.S. "Almost 100 billion pounds of safe, edible food - meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs - are thrown away every year by retailers, restaurants, and farmers while twenty-five million Americans are hungry, including 12 million children"

"Nationally, [there is] 46 billion pounds [of perfectly edible food discarded] each year...

Estimates indicate that only 4 billion pounds of food per year would be required to completely end hunger in America.

Partial list of those who have been helping the homeless and needy at Circle Park:

and there ARE others who I do not know by name. They come and drop off food and clothing and leave...

McReed Ministries
Valley Bible Fellowship
Freedom of Praise
Warm Springs Baptists
LV Outreach
Lord of the Harvest, Baptist Church on State Street ??
Christ Episcopal Church
Salvation Army
Catholic Charities
St. Vincents
LV Rescue Mission
Social Services
US Vets
Linda, Straight from the Streets
Lyla and friends
My family
Food Not Bombers and the Anarchists and/or [ Punks ? ] < grin >
Newcomers: Dave (the juice man) and Cherie

And to anyone else I may have missed, your help and compassion are greatly appreciated by all !!


Thank you to additional newcomers: Donna, Janet, and Casey!


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