Friday, November 24, 2006

Victory against Las Vegas Discrimination

Victory against Las Vegas Discrimination
by Potemkin

Posted: Monday November 20, 2006 at 11:13 PM

An injunction is expected to be handed down against the law prohibiting the sharing of food in public parks with the underprivileged.

In a move that can only be seen as a victory over the violent and repressive City of Las Vegas – led by Mayor Oscar Goodman and overseen by his shill Bradford Jerbic – Federal Judge Robert C. Jones is expected to hand down an injunction against a statute passed by the Las Vegas City Council which prohibits sharing food with whom a “reasonable person” could perceive as eligible for, or receiving government assistance.

During oral arguments today, Lee Rowland of the ACLU articulately and aggressively argued that the law violates the first and fourteenth amendments by limiting expressive action (sharing food with the homeless or indigent) and specifically targeting the underprivileged.

In an incompetent display, Bradford Jerbic, defending the City of Las Vegas, admitted to discriminatory and dishonest practices. Though initially claiming that the indigent are not a “suspect class,” the council for the City of Las Vegas dug themselves a hole early on, accusing “Ms. Sacco” (plaintiff Gail Sacco) of “luring” the indigent into the park with what he admitted was a “tastier meal” than what city services offer. He also accused her and the other plaintiffs of turning the park into a soup kitchen.


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stealth said...

I think if someone can do a tastier meal than the city can do, perhaps the city needs to take lessons. If the city is not interested in housing the people who for whatever reason can't get a place they would like to be, well where are these people supposed to go? Ya I ahve heard the arguement that they stink and are dirty, well when I was on the street it occured to me that people probably would not have liked it any better if I was wearing expensive clothing, was a student, or whatever. The flip side i seemed to see alot was that the rich folks sure liked it when they needed some work done like a lawn raked, or a icy walk cleaned down to the concrete