Monday, April 09, 2007

Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring

Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring
By TODD LEWAN, AP National Writer
Sun Apr 8, 7:20 PM ET

ORLANDO, Fla. - It was a balmy night, the sort that brings the homeless out from the shelters, when the police were summoned to America Street. On the driveway of a condo, just a few paces from the gutter, lay a man. A dying man.

He looked to be 50-ish, and a resident of Orlando's streets, judging by the moldy jacket. And he'd been bludgeoned — so badly bludgeoned that he could hardly move.

Before being rushed to the hospital, where he died of his head injuries, the man, August Felix, described his attackers. Young fellows did it, he whispered to the officers who got to him first. Kids.

...While some investigators believe the attacks are random, Sgt. Richard Ring, who investigated the murder of August Felix in Orlando last year, sees "a more deep seated problem here."

As he puts it, "Our young people get prejudices from their parents in regard to homeless people. They don't identify with the homeless, and they don't seem to see them as important."

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wade said...

i am a former addictions counselor and lived in henderson where i was surronded by homeless and i did try to help some..the poor folks were mostly on meth therefore limiting there ability to get going. ok, millions of others face the same thing only for the fact that they are NOT homeless they too would be in the dirt.when was the last time that an alleged caring social worker or addiction person went into any of the campsites or area's where the people are and try to assess and work with them??NEVER to my knowledge! sometimes in order to show that we ACTUALLY CARE we have to go get off our asses and go see our poor and suffering where it is taking place..ofcourse, politicians will do nothing as there is no money in it for them so the people and not that stupied catholic outfit must do it and stop whinning and just do all we can..