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Washington, DC to Transform Services for the Homeless

Washington, DC to Transform Services for the Homeless in New Public/Private Sector Partnership With Prosperity Studios, Inc.

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - July 3, 2007) - Ambassador Hope, Chairman of Prosperity Studios, has agreed to a $500 million inward investment for Washington, DC to transform the City for the homeless.

Prosperity Studios will provide the funding, DC will provide a guarantee and the homeless will receive support via the Homeless Care Clubs™ and new green studio homes to get people back on their feet. New business opportunities will be created for social entrepreneurs to train, mentor, care for and serve the homeless.

The Program will provide:

-- The assembly of green studios in a Healthy Living Community(TM) throughout the City. The building process will be filmed and available on the internet to inspire other Cities as to what is possible and to reduce the learning curve and implementation time.

-- Each Healthy Living Community(TM) will be built with the latest green technologies for sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

-- Healthcare, retraining and community facilities will be included to ensure that the homeless can get back on their feet, create work opportunities and then rent or buy a property.

-- Contracts for small, minority-owned, veteran- and disabled-owned businesses to provide services on a fee-for-service basis.

-- 30+ Homeless Care Clubs(TM) around the District managed by caring and professional teams to provide respite from the harsh street environment. The homeless will have access to computers to apply for jobs, education and benefits. They will also have showers, and laundry facilities plus a relaxation lounge where they can rest and sleep for a few hours in a safe environment.

-- The homeless will have a Smartcard which credits them for each hour's work in the community that they can save up and pay towards their rent in the Healthy Living Communities.

-- Courses on Healthy Living will also be available at the Homeless Care Clubs: Healthy Living (Sustainability and Self-care), Healthy Finances (Creating wealth and gratitude), Healthy Relationships (Building open dialogue and handling conflict), and Healthy Giving (Being in service to others and sharing).

Ambassador Hope has listened to the homeless in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. She has also visited the Mayors' programs and interviewed existing service providers to learn about the challenges they have. Hope says, "I've witnessed a severe lack of compassion by other citizens who don't appreciate that in the USA, 98% of people are one or two paychecks away from homelessness. The 'failure cascade' can happen very fast with the loss of a job or a death in the family. Suddenly the person finds themselves homeless with no knowledge of where to seek help and most often encounters hostile and unhelpful people. "We want to demonstrate how you can serve the homeless and the poor with professional and caring services focused on getting them back on their feet the fastest. This is a huge problem and cost for the Cities and passing laws to ban homeless sitting on park benches as Las Vegas has done is not a solution."

Hope continues, "Mayor Newsom of San Francisco is doing a great job mobilizing citizen support." She says however, "Mayor Fenty has demonstrated both compassion and the understanding of a systems approach that embraces all homeless. Barbara Pitman, Veterans affairs at the Mayor's office shares the same dream and is willing to unite all stakeholders and resources behind the vision. Leadership, vision and creativity are vital components of serving the poor, a hand up is far more valuable than a handout."

Prosperity Studios, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation which manages Intellectual Capital and provides international public/private partnerships for social transformation. The company combines innovation, collaboration, technology, global supply chains and private sector funding. The company has a stakeholder business model which values every contribution of its stakeholders including customers, volunteers, consultants, service providers, vendors, Fortune 500 companies, associations, and governments. The global health care market is valued at $3.7 trillion. 4.5 billion global citizens do not have access to healthcare. Prosperity Studios solves global challenges at the scale and speed of the need.

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Transforming Homelessness in Washington, DC (video)

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