Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meet Presidential Candidate,
Mike Gravel in Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Clint Karlsen, Las Vegas Review Journal

Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, a Democrat running for president, right, speaks with homeless men in Frank Wright Plaza in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon. Gravel was assisting homeless advocate Gail Sacco with feeding the needy.


Meet Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel, former US Senator for Alaska and current candidate for President, will be meeting with
Gail Sacco, homeless advocate and other social activists.

We will be discussing homelessness and poverty among other social issues.

We will be meeting at Frank Wright Plaza (Fourth Street & Stewart Ave.) tomorrow, Friday, October 12, 2007 at Noon.

Frank Wright Plaza is known as a gathering spot for about 100 homeless and poor people daily.

Free lunch provided to anyone who is hungry.

Mike Gravel's Official Campaign Site:

1 comment: said...

Thanks so much Gail for all of your help coordinating this event. You are a super star for real! Mike Gravel has always fought the good fight for social injustices everywhere. It was so cool how he just jumped into cutting & passing out the bread then took over enchilada duty. He actually sat down with everyone who wanted to speak & listened not only with his ears but with his heart. We need to register everyone to vote so they can have a part in this democratic process. PEACE! Becky