Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tired Eyes

Posted by Cliff Harrison

Safety On A Bus. On the Paradise 108 Bus.

For lots of homeless people, especially the elderly, the city buses are the only place to sleep. Safety is in the numbers. Normally, the CAT bus drivers would be screaming if they caught anyone sleeping on the bus. Under the Mayor Oscar Goodman administration American citizens are denied their most basic rights. The corrupt city and county officials of Las Vegas and Clark County have held an aggressive, hostile campaign over the Vally's homeless. On any given night there are as many as 15,000 homeless people in Las Vegas. More than 50,000 people experience homelessness e year in Vegas. With the Great Recession and with Vegas being number one in the nation in unemployment and home foreclosure those numbers might be much, much higher. Not a single Nevada State or Federal Government agency has intervened on behalf of the homeless citizens to halt the illegal police state actions of corrupt Las Vegas officials.

Posted by Cliff Harrison

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