Friday, July 01, 2005

June 30, 2005 Counter-Recruitment

This photo was taken at the Nellis Recruiting office on March 19, 2005. On this day "Two Army Recruiting Offices CLOSED Thanks to the Clark County Greens and Peace Now!!"

Peace Now,
March 19, 2005 Counter-Recruitment

Thursday, June 30, 2005 Press Release:

Press Release Peace Now, a community activist group, is holding a direct action onThursday June 30, 2005 at 5:00 pm to counter military recruitment efforts in the Las Vegas valley. The large recruiting station at 557 East Sahara Ave was chosen as the location for this action since this recruiting station targets the children of working families for enlistment in the U.S. military as a routine job option with wonderful benefits. Peace Now plans to provide additional information to the parents and young people showing the drawbacks of serving in the military especially in this time of an undeclared war and illegal occupation of a sovereign nation. Nationally, recruiters are not meeting quotas and have been caught using unscrupulous and misleading tactics offering the military as an adventurous job, not a life and death decision. We demand an end to blackmailing schools under the "No Child Left Behind Act" with threats of loss of federal funding for not cooperating with military recruitment efforts of our kids. We demand that the military provide the truth to the targets of their efforts so that these young people can make informed decisions on a very serious life changing commitment. We oppose the multi-million dollar recruiting budget directed at the children of working families particularly the children of people of color. Hispanic youth have paid a higher price than other Americans in this immoral occupation of Iraq with over one third of the U.S. casualties having Hispanic surnames. We oppose recruitment efforts against our daughters and sisters into a military which tolerates routine sexual assault and harassment of its female members. Peace Now will have bilingual "opt out" forms available to stop schools from releasing personal information on students. We will also have information available describing how to gain conscientious objector status for those who oppose war.

LV Peace Activist: "Peace Now! will be at the East Sahara recruiting station (557 ESahara) with banners and signs at 5pm handing out forms to people passing by for opting themselves or their children out of their information being given from their schools to recruiters, and information on how to become a conscientious objector. Stop by and support high school students' right to privacy, right to the whole truth, and freedom from the high-pressure, less-than-honest sales pitches heaped upon these children at such a vulnerable time of their education. Schools are supposed to be safe spaces for learning, not a hunting ground for the U.S. military!"

Reviews of yesterday's Action coming soon...

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