Sunday, June 19, 2005

Flag Burning

Due to many of the accusatory comments I have received regarding Steve Hampton and all other flag-burning protesters, I have revised my thoughts on the "desecration" of the flag.

I have many friends (some deceased now) who served in WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Some were Death March and Japanese POW Survivors. My uncle was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.

I have the greatest respect for them. Not only for their service but for their great wisdom.

Most of them, like myself, get a sick feeling when we hear of or see the American flag desecrated/ burned. (I would even cringe when I saw the flag being hung upside down.) However, most of them firmly believed in the right to burn that flag. And more importantly, they listened and tried to understand why certain people do what they do without insulting and calling them derogatory names.

They do not take the hateful, lazy, cocky, and cowardly approach as many folks do. Rather, they listen and learn, and search for a portion of the "truth" that each person possesses.

To each of us, the flag represents many different things. For me, everytime I see the flag, I think of all those who have sacrificed their lives and limbs, and I also picture the mothers and fathers crying and their hurt and heartache from their losses.

But these thoughts and feelings that we have of the flag have been gradually indoctinated all through our lives starting in kindergarten.

The burning of or upside down hanging of the flag is a political statement. It is not anti-American and is not meant as disrespect to the lives lost for our FREEDOM. Au Contraire.

The upside down flag, ie. means that our county is in distress.

These flag-burning protesters are protesting against the elite (selected few) who are running OUR government and taking away one freedom at a time. Keep in mind that the American people are "suppose to be" running the government and not the government running (controlling) the lives of the American people.

I will admit that many of the protesters are very much wrapped up in "the cause" and (unfortunately) sometimes fail to educate folks as to "why" they are doing what they are doing. But in reality, they are very American and are fighting for the rights of the American people. And they are trying to promote a better quality of life for all of humanity.

These anti-Americans (sarcasm) are making a statement that it is our government who is adulterating the flag and disrespecting what the flag is suppose to represent. These protesters are volunteering their time and energy to educate the American public to what our government is doing and to protect and restore the rights of the American people. They do not live in a fantasy world who believe everything our government is telling us. No, they do not want to leave this country and find another home. They want this country to practice what it preaches. They want to preserve our rights and make this country a better country for all.

I respect anyone (even if I don't believe 100% of their political ideology) who puts an effort into bettering our country and improving the quality of life for all of humankind.

"...flying Old Glory upside-down, a traditional signal of distress, is not "disrespectful," but a way of showing "love for your country."

"If you really want to save freedom," he said, "then you embrace the concept of flying the flag upside-down to get other people's attention so they, too, will understand the threat we're faced with and embrace freedom."

Upside-Down Flag Angers Veterans

Federal Flag Code

SEC. 4 (a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

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