Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Contradiction

Mom's Comment:

What the neighbors and politicians are doing now is calling on the government of Las Vegas to get rid of the homeless and needy people from Huntridge Circle Park. They want this city-owned park for themselves and do not want to share it with the needy.

In essence, they are asking the city to hide the homeless problem in this particular area.

One consequence of this action is it is teaching our children the concept of "every man for himself".

Hide the homeless up in northern Las Vegas. Out of sight, out of mind. The homeless are no longer our neighbors. So, we do not have to be neighborly to them.

This is in direct contrast to the City of Las Vegas's Strategic Plan 2005 "commitment to the following values we believe in:"

One of which is:

Respect for, and belief in, individual difference and the worth of every person.

This Strategic Plan (which includes this commitment) was signed by Mayor Oscar Goodman, Michael McDonald, Lynette Boggs, Gary Reese, Larry Brown, Lawrence Weekly, and Michael Mack.

What would be more fair and humane, is if we worked together- the homeless advocates, the homeless and needy, and the community. And then we could address the causes of homelessness and not just the symptoms of homelessness.

Municipal codes which criminalize homelessness should be challenged and removed.


Anonymous wrote:

Contradiction Exposed

Being cited and then subsequently 86'd from Circle Park is a grand contradiction that I heard the ACLU say they would definitely fight against. Especially the 86'd part of it.

If one were to go to the city's website:

their hopes would immediately be squashed. The website states that the 3-acre park with a shaded outdoor stage and grass amphitheater is non-reservable.

And yet, you were cited for not reserving the park in order to hold a "food feeding event?" On its face, it's contradictory. It's a poorly written law, one that needs to be updated and clarified by a legislative, not judicial, body. Or at least the website needs to be changed in order to be more clear on what reserving versus getting a permit means. The courts in Las Vegas are as corrupt as they can be. The legislature is not much better, but it's better than the courts. Plus, with the legislature, there's more of a chance that 'we the people' can have an influence.


Anonymous said...

On Feb. 27th, 2006 at 11:28 AM Gail Sacco was "duly elected and qualfided by Nevada Secretary of State, DEAN HELLER" as DIRECTOR of FATHER FLANAGAN LTD., a Nonprofit Corporation Number E0160432006-4.

Mo said...

Wow!! Definitely all for combining efforts to treat CAUSES and make some proposals....Can't wait to meet you.