Sunday, February 19, 2006

Citations at Circle Park

This is the beginning of the 'official' police intimidation surrounding the issue of serving and eating of food at Circle Park. For months now, many people have gone to Circle Park (including city officials and homeless advocates) in order to serve, eat food and provide other needed resources to those who need it most. The free food has not only helped countless numbers of people but has also brought with it a great deal of public and media attention.

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Sunday February 19, 2006 at 06:38 PM


Mom's Comments:

We arrived at Circle Park at approximately 2:15 pm. Word was out that the marshals and metro were there as early as 8:30 this morning looking for me.

Three marshals and one metro officer with video camera were there when I arrived.

Mom and another peace activist/homeless advocate were cited for:

"Did willfully and unlawfully conduct (a food feeding event) at Huntridge Circle Park where 25 people or more did participate or witness such event without obtaining a permit from the director..."

Court Date and Place:

March 20, 2006 8:00 am

Las Vegas Municipal Court
200 Lewis Ave
Las Vegas, NV

MY responsibility, as well as others, is to help with the homeless and the needy's daily needs without restriction until the government agencies and non-profit organizations get them off the streets and into SAFE affordable, permanent housing, and/or into government programs which they are entitled to.

It is unacceptable for the City of Las Vegas to try to hide our homeless in the north part of Las Vegas known as The Corridor. It is unreasonable to expect all homeless people to travel miles for breakfast, then miles to their day jobs, then miles for supper, and then miles to find some back alley to sleep in.

Our main goal should be to END homelessness with safe, permanent, affordable housing; quality, affordable medical care; and, jobs that pay a living wage. Shelters and Day Centers should only be used as an intermediary stage between homelessness and safe, permanent, affordable housing.

Constant police sweeps, arrests, and citations only perpetuate homelessness. And there is no way that any of these government tactics will send the homeless packing out of town. Without money, a decent job, family or friends they are not going anywhere except through that revolving door of incarceration. And by the way, that revolving door of incarceration makes big bucks for the city.

There have been lots of city ideas and promises with very little or no results.

It would be in the city's best interest and the neighborhoods' best interest to let us individuals contribute to ending homelessness.

We are not out there JUST feeding them. We are there giving them a helping hand to GET OFF THE STREETS.

We are dedicated to nonviolence

We are against all war, oppression, and aggression

We recover food that would otherwise be thrown out and make fresh hot vegetarian meals that are
served to anyone without restriction.

We only prepare food which is strictly from vegetable sources so people will always know and trust our food.


Citation for Food Feeding Event
by Mom Monday February 20, 2006 at 12:14 AM

The citation was for having a "food feeding event" where 25 or more is/was expected at said event.

Mom and another advocate were cited and verbally 86'd from Huntridge Circle Park for 6 months.

If caught in Circle Park within 6 months we will be arrested for trespassing.

Court Date and Place:
March 20, 2006 8:00 am
Municipal Court 200 Lewis Ave Las Vegas, NV

By the way, the many homeless and needy that I know live in the vicinity of Circle Park. This location is most convenient for them to eat, get suggestions on housing, medical, rehab, etc. And, even if I wanted to get a permit, this park is unpermitable.

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So they ticketed you for not having a permit in a park that they don't give permits for?

See a picture of the City of Las Vegas website here: