Friday, March 03, 2006

Rent Vouchers and Homeowner Scam?

NOW what is happening is there are house owners who have scouts going out into the streets looking for homeless who want to get off the streets.

They tell the homeless that they take the vouchers. They tell them that the rent is
$369 per month which is what the rent vouchers are. They take the homeless to the "homes" and then take them to Clark County Social Services to fill out all the paperwork.

They pack them in 15-20 homeless. They get the rent voucher and then 4 days later they kick everyone out of the house.

"Furnished rooms, TV, phone, kitchen, priviledges, shared living room area, nice quiet area, close to convienient stores, swimming pool, jacuzzi, all utilities included."

The spelling errors are theirs, not mine.

So far, nothing has been done about this scam, I heard because it is a civil matter.

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