Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Activists take Las Vegas to court

Mom's Comments: We have 600-700 beds for the homeless in Las Vegas with an estimated 13,000 homeless which includes approximately 3500 children.

No matter what Goodman and Reese have to say about there being resources out there for the homeless, they are kidding NO one!

Las Vegas does NOT have adequate social services.

Activists take Las Vegas to court

City ordinances deprive homeless of several rights,
ACLU lawsuit alleges


..."This is not a proper location for a soup kitchen," said Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese, who represents the area. "There are more than one group of people's rights here."

He said that shelters and other services are available around the city.

"I've worked hard to make money available for homeless issues," he said. "I feel the lawsuit is a slap in the face of the city after all we've tried to do. Services are available; people need to take advantage of that."

...Mayor Oscar Goodman, who has come under fire recently for wanting to force mentally ill homeless to get treatment, said, "There are adequate services."


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