Thursday, June 22, 2006

Meeting of the Minds

To my fellow social activists, homeless advocates, Christian and non-Christian friends, non-violent anarchist friends, food not bombers, and all who are interested in fighting the good fight:

I would like to call for a gathering of minds to address the multiple issues of homelessness. I realize that homeless advocates have been doing this for years. But due to the recent attacks on the homeless and homeless advocates in Las Vegas by the City of Las Vegas, I feel it is important to address the recent aggressive, unjust exercise of power.

I am disappointed that this is needed as it is a distraction from my work with the homeless. However, Mayor Goodman's recent comments and directives to Las Vegas police to forcibly take homeless persons to treatment centers affects us all.

The two best days for a meeting for me would be Wednesday and Saturday. But I am willing to change my schedule to a different day if it is best for the majority of others.

I am open to all suggestions: time, date, place, and agenda.

Please e-mail me with your thoughts.

City officials' comments and proposals:

He [Goodman] said his proposal to force homeless to get services is meant to help them. "I want to take them by the hand and lead them to salvation."

Earlier, Goodman refused to back down from his idea of forcing the homeless to get help.

"We have to help people who don't want to help themselves," he said. "If they don't (accept help), I'll take them and put them into the state house."

Meanwhile, City Attorney Brad Jerbic said he plans to propose a new ordinance to the City Council on June 21 that would "prohibit mobile soup kitchens in our parks."

...force a homeless person to get services.

...banning "mobile soup kitchens" in parks.

...throw the book at those violating the law at Huntridge Circle Park.

...take the next person they find who is mentally ill and refuses services to WestCare.

Details of the city's proposals were not clear Wednesday night.

The council unanimously passed the resolution.

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