Friday, August 11, 2006

Protest August 10, 2006
Photos and Media Coverage

Donald, thanks so much for posting the photos. Great job! And thanks for your help and support yesterday. And thanks to EVERYONE for supporting us all one way or another.

It was also great the Sonoma County Food Not Bombs came out for the protest and willingly and proudly took citations!

Food is a Right, not a privilege. City Parks are PUBLIC parks.

Las Vegas, Nevada is NOT Warsaw, Poland.

"Do everything that such a tragedy will never be repeated!" Gela Seksztajn (1907-1942)

More Photos:

Photo Credit: Donald Rilea

Photo Credit: Donald Rilea


FEEDING THE HOMELESS: Fed up with protests

Marshals cite three, ignore others giving away food at city park


...Las Vegas city marshals on Thursday cited three people for handing out food at Huntridge Circle Park, providing further evidence that the city is serious about enforcing a new ordinance that bars the public from feeding homeless people in city parks.

The citations came after homeless advocates, who had protested the ordinance earlier in the day at Las Vegas City Hall, made their way to the park on Maryland Parkway near Charleston Boulevard and handed out fruit and bread to a handful of about a dozen indigent people there...

Photo Credit: John Gurzinski, Las Vegas Review Journal

Photo Credit: John Gurzinski, Las Vegas Review Journal

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Anonymous said...

Just another thing to prove to people that the law only tries to protect the rich. If it protects poor people that is because the law enforcement officer had nothing better to do.