Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Protest August 10, 2006
Food is a Right, Not a Privilege

Thursday, August 10, 2006 at NOON at Las Vegas
City Hall, 400 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada.

The people of Las Vegas demand Food Not Bombs for our 13,000 + homeless and poverty stricken folks.

A newly passed city ordinance, Bill No. 2006-37 prohibits sharing food with the homeless in OUR public parks.

Not only does this ordinance prohibit sharing food with the homeless, it prohibits sharing with ANY person "whom a reasonable ordinary person would believe to be entitled to apply for or receive assistance" from the government under state law.

Stand in solidarity! This is not only a homeless issue. This is a human rights issue which affects us ALL.

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Realist said...

Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to these issues. I live in Santa Cruz where our City Council has passed sleeping bans and used loitering and other laws against the homeless. One example is they have placed change machines where they were never needed. The homeless tend to rest there, which is also against the law if your eyes are closed. Of course, this law does not apply to tourists. It is against the law to loiter next to a change machine. It is also against the law to hopscotch, blow bubbles (if you are an amateur) and to chalk; write on the sidewalk with removable chalk. It is business VS the homeless. It is a loss of humanity within our society.

I have started a homeless food program, much like food not bombs. I simply feed on days when it is not done by other services. Food is a right. The lack of media coverage is a travesty.
I also belong to a homeless advocate group here. I am glad to have found a good source of information on the Las Vegas homeless issues.

Feeding people is not that hard if people simply fight against your own apathy and fears and do it. I am poor but manage to feed 50 people a week with help. The homeless help and donations come from people who care, mostly the poor. I just started my blog. It is days old so I have work to do.
Again thank you for your work and I will support your site as much as possible.