Friday, December 29, 2006

Free Lunch and Protest at City Hall


Where: Frank Wright Plaza
(the park right across from the DTC)

Dates: Wednesday Jan. 3rd, and Wednesday Jan. 17th

Time: Lunch and Encouragement Rally will be between 12pm and 2pm in Frank Wright Plaza, and then from there we will walk to the city council meeting (across the street at city hall council chambers) around 3pm and let our voice be heard!!

Why: Your rights are being taken away by the rich in power (See James 2:5-7),
and we welcome you to join us in fighting for your liberty and the liberty of
GOD's people!

Many are being harmed by:

1. extreme fines/jail times for petty crimes
2. police abuse
3. discrimination and unjust laws against the poor
4. Park closures
5. Oppression in other forms by the city of Las Vegas

It is time for Las Vegas to LET GOD'S PEOPLE GO!!
(Please pray GOD gives us the victory!!)

You can view previous Televised city council meetings of
Las Vegas online at:

and see activists speak out for the poor!

Go to the city council meeting for December 6th,
and December 20th, and click on Video.

(Please pray many watch these videos and join us
in fighting for the poor!)

You also will be given 3 minutes to speak at the televised meeting,
so come prepared!!!

Activists speak to the Mayor and city council members during the "Citizen's participation" portion of the meeting (which is the last part of the meeting).
You should be able to forward to it on the website. Please let me know if you
are able to view this or if you have any other questions, and also if you have
any prayer requests, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely yours in CHRIST JESUS,

Roussan Joshua Collins (So thankful JESUS saved my life!)

email Roussan Joshua Collins at:

or email Gail Sacco at:

for more information and to get involved!

May GOD in CHRIST Bless you always,
and we hope to see you soon!

(If you can, please also bring food, water, & hope to share-
thanks so much!)

Addendum: Just to let everyone know there is ALSO a Jan. 3rd, 9 am discussion on the status of the Committe on Homelessness.

On September 25, 2003, the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) established the Committee on Homelessness (CoH) to ensure that there are adequate resources and supportive services available to assist those most in need in Southern Nevada. The CoH is comprised of representatives from the city of Las Vegas (Orlando Sanchez), Clark County, Clark County School District, State of Nevada, law enforcement and area service providers.

City Council Meeting: Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at 9 am
Item Description: Report on the status of the SNRPC Committe on Homelessness
regional effort - All Wards

The SNRP created the Committee on Homelessness (CoH) to address regional homeless issues. All jurisdictions are required to contribute to the CoH regional budget based on population. The city of Las Vegas contributed $244,680 for FY 2005-2006 and $276,760 for FY 2006-2007.

The CoH projects include:

-- Implementation of the region's ten point plan

[ ]

-- Inclement weather shelters - provided for homeless persons during extreme hot or cold weather conditions

-- Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) - a HUD mandated system designed to track services provided to homeless individuals in an effort to avoid duplication of services and improve the coordination efforts of service providers

-- Homeless Street And Shelter Count - mandated by HUD to count the number of homeless persons at a certain point in time

-- Public Awareness Campaign - the goal is to educate the community regarding the issue of homelessness with the result being a mobilized community will around homelessness and promotion of community and corporate investment into the Homeless Trust Fund. PSAs and the website, , have been developed.

-- AB580 Funds - a $4 million biennium granted by the state legislature to address homelessness in the southern region through the provisions of services. This has provided funding for several capital projects and programs (called Transition from Homeless)


57. Report on the status of the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) Committee on Homelessness (CoH) regional effort - All Wards


The CoH projects include:

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