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Written by, "Las Vegas Superbum"

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Greetings from Poverty Flats where we remain strong of spirit and hopeful of a better tomorrow as we lay shivering on the street.

I am writing today in response to the article Out In The Cold which appeared on page 14 [of the Las Vegas City Life] in the 12-7-06 issue.

As usual it was a fairly good article. My specific concern which may be minor is when Phillip Hollon director of Catholic Charities' residential services division states "Lack of awareness of the shelters, their capacities and their programs may also be a factor" for many not being in winter shelter. Tsk Tsk. We are very aware of what is involved and some refuse to play the game because the rules do not even slightly resemble fairness. This point has been emphasized by many brohers who were quoted in this article.

What needs to be clearly understood is that Sisters are not allowed in the shelter and there is nowhere for them to go except the sidewalk when other shelters like Shade Tree are full.

Mr. Hollon conveniently forgets that many of us (myself included) work. Yes, I have a job from 3pm to 9 pm. Since I can't be in two places at once I'm stuck on the sidewalk. If I don't work I don't eat. Mr Hollon and his little army of shelter thugs refuse to make exceptions for us the working poor. If Mr. Hollon is trying to help us; then why does he maintain an obstacle where we have to choose either working or sleeping in his fine flophouse?

Mr. Hollon would like for you the reader and billpayer to believe we are all little children who can't make decisions for ourselves or are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Mr. Hollon, me and mine are not coming into your shelter because you have not made us welcome to do so. Secondly: Since opening I have heard that there are no beds available. Night after night numerous brothers are sleeping on the floor. Third: Since opening I have heard numerous stories about minor incidents of abuse both verbal and physical.

In conclusion, I agree that me and mine choose to sleep on the street. It is
not a choice of free will but one of circumstance. Circumstances created by those who would have you believe that the moon is made of green cheese and that homeless people are helpless.

Our Day Will Come;

Michael "Las Vegas Superbum" Lee

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