Friday, January 05, 2007

Wrapped Around a Bullet


Wrapped Around a Bullet

Kathy Kelly, Electronic Iraq, 2 January 2007

An Iraqi friend whom I've known for ten years looked worn and very weary yesterday when he came to visit me in my apartment here in Amman, Jordan. He hadn't slept the night before because he'd been on the phone with his wife who, throughout the night, was terrified by gunfire in the Iraqi village where she stays with their four small children. My friend longs to soothe and protect his wife and kids. But now he lives apart from them, in another country.

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Wrapped Around a Bullet
Kathy Kelly, Electronic Iraq ( 2 January 2007)

"It's hard to put your foot down over something called a 'supplemental spending bill' - over a piece of paper, a bit of writing that you didn't write yourself but are perhaps helping to deliver. My friend's life was ruined by such a piece of paper. Iraqis are leaving their homes in Iraq by the thousands every day, and prolonging this war will cause more to flee." Kathy Kelly, writing from Amman, Jordan, encourages civil disobedience in opposition to more spending on the war in Iraq and wraps her call in a story about a friend forced to flee the war and live separated from his family.

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