Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Las Vegas Anti-War Rally In Solidarity
with January 27, 2007 March on Washington

United for Peace and Justice (1500 organizations) is teaming with over 500 additional groups to march on Congress to insist the U.S. get out of Iraq. Massive numbers are expected to rally and march around the Capital on January 27th at the start of a 3-day event.

This is a call for participation in an anti-war rally Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 1 pm in front of the Federal Building at 333 So. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevada Workers Against the War will be joining with members of several progressive organizations including MoveOn and Democracy For America.

This march will coincide with a massive demonstration in Washington D.C., and other actions around the country.

There will be signs available, or you can make your own. Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring American flags, as we are exercising our great American right to publicly protest the stupidity of our elected officials. As usual, we will express our intention to support our troops by bringing them home.

For those who don't know, the Federal Building, officially known as the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, is the huge modern building at 333 So. Las Vegas Blvd. just a few blocks south of Fremont Street.

Though the Federal building has no public parking, there is a City of Las Vegas public parking lot just south of the building, across Clark Street. It has parking meters that charge $1.00 per hour Mon.-Sat., so bring some quarters if you park there. The surrounding side streets also have a lot of parking meters, but most of them are not in use on Saturday. (Some are, so check.) Also, the Fremont Street Experience parking garage is up the street with ample parking for $1.00 per half-hour. Also, the Strip bus (the Deuce) passes by the Courthouse, and the 105 and 108 busses have stops within walking distance.

Bush has chosen to ignore the will of the people by calling for an escalation of the war in Iraq with threats of expanding the war to Iran and Syria. Las Vegas needs to be part of January 27th showing of people power. This war will never end until the people show threw massive and frequent demonstrations that the president cannot ignore what the people say. We cannot sit by while our GI's are called on to sacrifice for an illegal occupation and lost cause and tens of thousands of Iraqi's sufferings from a foreign occupation and the civil war it has caused.


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