Thursday, February 01, 2007

Local Activist Joe Sacco Enters City Council Race

Local Activist Joe Sacco Enters City Council Race

On Monday, January 29, Joe Sacco officially announced his candidacy for Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3. Spurred by the recent closure of his neighborhood park (Huntridge Circle Park) and dismissal by his elected officials, Mr. Sacco hopes to restore hospitality and accountability to the City Council.

“This is the culmination of a very frustrating and disheartening situation,” Sacco stated. “I have repeatedly been ignored by Mr. Reese, my local councilperson, and feel it is my duty as a responsible citizen in Ward 3 to make sure this does not continue. As Ward 3’s next councilperson, I pledge that every citizen in my ward will have their voice heard.”

The main plank of the Sacco campaign’s platform is social justice. Homelessness, police abuse and harassment, and equality across the board are issues that must be addressed. Standing for a united Ward 3, Mr. Sacco plans extensive outreach campaigns to allow Hispanic and other underrepresented populations a chance to participate in the future of their community.

Other points of the Sacco campaign include the preservation of historic neighborhoods, affordable housing, and property rights - particularly opposition to the misuse of eminent domain laws.

Off to an immediate start, the Sacco campaign is calling for a series of debates against incumbent Gary Reese, in addition to an old-fashioned town-hall meeting to introduce Joe Sacco to the residents of Ward 3.

Media Contact:
Charles Imboden
Campaign Manager

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