Thursday, March 08, 2007

Forgotten Voice Newspaper Launched

Forgotten Voice Newspaper Launched

On Sunday, March 4, 2007 the official launch of the Forgotten Voice newspaper was held across the street from Las Vegas City Hall at Frank Wright Plaza.

Forgotten Voice is a street paper in which homeless and formerly homeless people, as well as homeless advocates, write and produce. The mission is to be a voice for homeless people.

The objectives for Forgotten Voice are:

To publish a street newspaper written mainly by homeless people, formerly homeless people, and homeless advocates in order to empower them and give them a voice;

To build and enhance a sense of community and facilitate positive communication between homeless people, homeless advocates, service providers, and the general public;

To build awareness of social services that are available to poor and homeless people, and other such information that would be educational to the homeless population;

To expand and redefine our charitable, educational, and literary program from time to time as necessary to meet the continuing need to empower homeless people.

If you are homeless, formerly homeless, or a homeless advocate, you are encouraged to write and submit an article so that your voice can be heard.

To submit your fiction, journalism, artwork, photography, or poetry please send it to Forgotten Voice 9901 W. Sahara Avenue #1183 Las Vegas, NV 89117.

Or, attach the file electronically via email to Amanda Haymond, President at, .

Submissions deadline is the 14th of every month.

To view the first issue of Forgotten Voice online, click on the following link:

Visit Forgotten Voice homepage at


Photos taken of the launch of Forgotten Voice March 4, 2007

Photo Credit: Gail Sacco, homeless advocate

As the launch gets started, two Metro bike officers talk with a couple of gentlemen just outside of the Frank Wright Plaza at Fourth and Stewart.

Food Not Bombs and Father Flanagan LTD, homeless advocates

Homeless Advocates and Homeless chatting

William Cole Sr., homeless and strong homeless advocate who has recently received his BA in political science from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He is currently a graduate student at UNLV, major undecided. William has been written about twice in local newspapers for being homeless and going to college at the same time.

Amanda, President/Treasurer/Founder of Forgotten Voice, and our friend John

Roussan Joshua Collins (Josh), homeless advocate, homeless by choice, street preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Linda Lera-Randle El, homeless advocate, founder and executive director of Straight from the Streets talks with Amanda

Homeless and homeless advocates sharing food and building community

More homeless and homeless advocates sharing food and building community

Chatting and resting after lunch

Las Vegas City Hall, where all those unjust ordinances against the homeless and poor are usually unanimously voted on and passed

West side of the now closed Downtown Post Office what Father Joe of Mash Village desperately tried to make into a homeless shelter and social service center. But the city council has voted on a Mob Museum instead.

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Joe Sacco said...

Great photos mom! Keep up the great work... I read the latest article in the LVRJ about UNLV's architecture students and how they created homeless encampments for there project. Nice story.

I've never been more proud of you.