Friday, March 30, 2007

Please Vote

written by Mike Lee, homeless advocate

...The current Mayor could care less than tweddle deed um about homeless people and is content with simply paying us lip service and tossing us a few crumbs. “Yo honey hand them kids a lollypop so they’ll shut up and I can continue my self-indulgent way.” On the flip side, Ms. Coon appears to be a concerned person willing to listen.

She appears to be a strong, intelligent, moral individual who wants to do what’s best for her future constituents. As homeless people we understand that a change in the present regime must occur if we are to have any future which does not include being treated like children. Ms. Coon when elected may do nothing for our community but she will listen to our leadership which is a positive step forward to ending homelessness. It is in our best interest to vote for Ms. Coon and I personally encourage our advocates and friends to do likewise.

For the sake of argument let me say you could care less about the homeless. Like Goodman and his underling Gary Reese you scream “Filthy, stinky bums get a job.” I want you to look out your front door. Like what you see? Go drive around the city. See all the graffiti, abandoned buildings, trash, broken windows? Read the Review Journal. Rape, robbery, mayhem. Taking all this into consideration, do you think your quality of life is enhanced by the present administration? Like me as a citizen you have to say no!

The number of incidents and arrests associated with the recent NBA event screams for change. The present administration embraces and promotes such immoral and criminal acts to the detriment of all. It squanders law enforcement dollars by arresting homeless people for misuse of a bus stop. It encourages blight by allowing perfectly suitable housing to be boarded up and trash to pile up in vacant lots. As residents of Las Vegas whether homeless or not, we should be demanding for change. On April 3rd we can make that change happen by voting for

Sandra Coon - Mayor

Stacy Truesdell – Ward Five

Joe Sacco - Ward Three

Shawn Spanier – Ward One

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