Thursday, May 24, 2007

Homelessness Among LGBT Youth

Task Force homeless study in the New York Times

Times spotlights problem of homelessness among LGBT youth and Task Force's work on this critical matter

The scourge of homelessness among LGBT youth continues to garner massive media attention generated by the Task Force's work on the issue, including the release of our comprehensive report, Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth: An epidemic of homelessness. The New York Times featured a substantial May 17 story on the topic
that spotlighted our report, quotes from Executive Director Matt Foreman, and comments and information from partner organizations and service providers included in our study. The Times online edition included the article, direct links to the Task Force and our report, and a powerful audio slideshow focusing on LGBT youth at the Ruth Ellis Center (Ruth's House) in Detroit, Mich.

Stories about our report, issued nationally on Jan. 30 by the Task Force in collaboration with the National Coalition for the Homeless, have appeared in thousands of outlets, with media impressions now topping 655 million. This unprecedented coverage on the issue has generated public concern and spurred real movement on Capitol Hill to secure more funds to address the problem of homeless and runaway youth. Our Public Policy & Government Affairs team is working hard this appropriations cycle to make sure the needs of LGBT youth are not ignored and to increase the overall funding through the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act for the next fiscal year.

Read the Times online coverage

See the article as it appeared in the New York Times

Download a copy of our report

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The Task Force has stepped up to the plate as THE organization bringing attention to the issue of LGBT youth homelessness. Their report on this epidemic demonstrates not only the need for a comprehensive response from our nation's political leaders and the LGBT community, but also lays out the human toll of the crisis. True to the Task Force's history, they are taking a leading role working with social service providers like our agency, as well as with state and federal policy makers, to advance the fight for equal rights and protections for our community's most vulnerable members.
--Grace A. McClelland, Executive Director, Ruth Ellis Center

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Intern@baywindows said...

There is an interesting story in Boston's online resource, Edge, regarding homophobia in homeless shelters and the impact on gay teens. This is powerful stuff.
Check it out at:

Mom said...

Thank you for your comment. Here is the direct link to the article. And I have also saved the full article to my files for future reference.