Saturday, June 16, 2007

Free The Children of Texas'
Hutto Prison Protest

Posted By: Free The Children of Texas' Hutto Prison

Hosted By: Amnesty international and many other organizations

When: Saturday Jun 23, 2007 at 11:00 AM


Outside T. Don Hutto
1001 Welch St
Taylor, TX 76574
United States

This is a Vigil/Protest/Rally outside the T. Don Hutto prison. Sponsored by Amnesty International and many other organizations. Please RSVP to this event.


Please come and lend your support even if it is only for a short while. Freeing the prisoners of Hutto will require major effort, but it is the small efforts of many that will make this effort successful.

There will be three stages with speakers, music, poets, performance artists.... and you!

Hold a sign. Listen to the speakers. If you feel so inclined be interviewed by the press who come out and are willing to speak truth to power.

Note: there are train cars permanently parked in front of the prison hiding the facility from the sight of drivers on 79 and the people of Taylor. You have to turn either very early off of 79 or well into town to find a way across the blocked tracks.

Please check the main ftc page on the left hand column for a link to a helpful blog for what to bring, expect, etc.

We are multicultural and from all walks of life. All races, genders, creeds, political persuasions, social-economic demographics, you name it -- we are standing united on this issue!!!

You can dance naked under the full moon for a living, but if you'll put on some shorts and hold a sign outside of the Hutto Prison and work to battle this crime against humanity -- we welcome you as our brothers and sisters for Justice!

Be Well -- Be Brave -- Be True!!!

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