Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sharing Food - Rice

When sharing food at the park, I never use meat or meat base, fish or dairy products - when I prepare the food.

In the past, when we received already prepared products - donations from the stores - meat, fish, cheese, etc., we would immediately distribute the food to the needy rather than having it all go to waste.

Long grain brown rice when we have it, white rice if brown rice not available.

Optional - add chopped onion to water before adding rice.

1/2 gallon of water in large pot
Add a little vegetable oil to water
High heat until boiling
Add 1/4 gallon of rice and stir thoroughly for vegetable oil to prevent rice from sticking
Lower heat to a low, cover pot.
Rice is usually done when all water in the pot is gone.

White rice takes 15-20 minutes to cook.

Brown rice takes about 45-50 minutes to cook.

Seasoning for rice is optional, ie. salt.

If rice is done cooking for "awhile" and you need to get it hot again:

In a small pot, boil water, chopped onion, and seasoning to taste. Seasoning can consist of a "touch" of salt, garlic, onion salt, oregano, and basil. Optional, if I have extra spaghetti sauce, I add that to this pot and heat, reducing the amount of water.

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