Monday, September 25, 2006

March for Social Justice

Join Southern Nevada Advocates for Homeless People (SNAHP) for a

March to Promote Social Justice for Homeless People in Southern Nevada!

We will gather in front of the Fashion Show Mall's main entrance
on the Strip at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006.

Signs are already made so please join us.
Build community. Get locally involved.

There are so many issues "within" the issue of homelessness that no one can educate or explain in one note or a few notes.

It is true that there are some homeless people who cannot be helped off the streets, or have decided that that is where they would prefer to be. BUT that number is FAR less than what the majority of non-homeless people think.

The main problem we have is that we have very little or NO affordable housing. This is not just a Las Vegas problem. This is a national problem. Most advocates are in agreement that "housing first" is the best solution to ending homelessness. However, as I just stated, we have no affordable housing. That's where the government and community have to help out.

MY concern is to help folks with their basic survival needs to keep them alive until state, city, county governments can help these people off the streets. After their basic survival needs are met: food, water, medicine, coats and blankets for the COLD winter, then we help out with identification, jobs, and housing.

Individual people cannot do this alone. We need help from the private and business sectors.

Financially, many people don't realize that if the city, county, state and federal government focused more on the solutions to ending homelessness, taxpayers would be paying LESS. Right now, taxpayers are paying for the symptoms of homelessness.

Please join us. The focus of this non-violent march is to bring about awareness to our huge homeless and poverty problem in the Las Vegas valley. More and more senior citizens and victims of eminent domain and evictions to make room for more condos are very susceptible to homelessness right now.

We are reaching out to the private and business sectors to help us END homelessness in Southern Nevada.

Any donations (food, bottled water, etc.) will be greatly appreciated. Reach out to the business people you know. Please join us.

Signs will be available.

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