Friday, October 13, 2006

Citation for feeding the indigent- Suzie

Wed., October 11, 2006 Went to court to support Suzie in case of feeding the homeless. Went to the fifth floor because that is where it usually is. No one was there. Robert's name was on the docket but Patrick and Suzie's names were not on the docket. Called Lee and she told me that Allen had Robert's case postponed until October 25th. I called Suzie's cell to find out where she was. She was on the sixth floor, Dept. 4.

On the fifth floor a young woman asked me if I was there for the homeless advocates' case. I said yes and asked her who she was with. She told me that she was working for the judge handling the case but the judge didn't tell her what court room. So I told her the sixth floor and we headed up there. Suzie was there waiting outside the locked court room doors as were others. We talked.

Deputy City Attorney Jonathon?? told Suzie her options. Then Officer Latham handed out papers to everyone to sign. One paper had the complaint. The other paper had to be signed and state whether you are pleading not guilty, no contest, or guilty. The Deputy City Attorney also gave Suzie another option, verbally. The option is a submittal. With a submittal, there is no plea at all but agree to "stay out of trouble for six months" and not break the law "like" feeding the homeless. If you stay out of trouble for six months, the charges are dropped. We could not get Jonathon to explain thoroughly what happens if you DO get into trouble within the six months.

Judge Bert M. Brown was very nice to Suzie and explained all the options. He also took the time to explain to her that this was a matter that was going to Federal Court, and if the law is deemed unconstitutional, her charges would be dismissed.

No public defender because the city is not looking for jail time. Judge said he found no reason to dismiss the charges at this time. With a submittal, if you get into trouble "like this" within six months, the first conviction stays on the record. I asked Jonathan, what do you mean a conviction? You are automatically guilty if you take a submittal and get into trouble again? He said, well it's not really a conviction...

Judge said that if you get into trouble again within the six months, the city will still not ask for any punishment for "this" case. Jonathan half-assed agreed with the Judge.

So, Suzie took the submittal and the judge said that if she stays out of trouble that she does not have to reappear in court.

For the record, I was and am very upset that no one was at court except for me to
support Suzie. So much for solidarity. :<

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Anonymous said...

I called the radio station and asked them to let me know if they wanted me there to film outside..they never replied.
I would have never accepted what she did, the law is tricky, but that was her decision.
Carol Beinhorn