Friday, October 27, 2006

Homeless feeding ordinance UNconstitutional

UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDINANCE: Homeless feeding ban rejected

Judge throws out case against California man


A Las Vegas Municipal Court judge on Wednesday threw out a case against a California man who was cited in August under a new ordinance that bars the public from feeding homeless people in city parks.

In dismissing the misdemeanor case against Patrick Band, Judge George Assad said the ordinance was unconstitutional because it was vague and denied equal protection of the law.

The city attorney's office said it filed an appeal of the decision Thursday morning.

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Mom's Comment: Wouldn't you think that the taxpayers would be really upset that the City of Las Vegas is spending all their money fighting to criminalize poverty and homelessness.

It would cost the taxpayers a whole lot less if the city put that money toward solutions.

Taxpayers should be calling the city council, the mayor, the county, and the state to demand more resources and sensible solutions to homelessness. Remember, this is not just a city responsibility. It is the responsibility of ALL of us to find solutions.

And it's important to remember that at one time or another, we ALL pay taxes- even the homeless and the poor. So we all have the right to complain to our government if we feel our taxes are being foolishly spent.

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