Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evangelism- Mayor Oscar Goodman

Mom: I have a friend who thinks a lot like me and also thinks a lot different than me. You decide which. But I think it's important to post some of the things that Josh e-mails me.

Josh has been arrested by Las Vegas Metro for sleeping under the overpass of 15 and Bonanza. And also for trespassing. He spent two months in jail for the lodging on federal property with the charges dropped. Is this Las Vegas juristiction? And he was found incompetent to stand trial. LOL He is more competent than most people I know.

From Josh, Fri, 30 Jun 2006:
I asked the Mayor if he believed in JESUS. I asked him if he believed in heaven and hell. He said no. I let them know that GOD's wrath will come on those that hurt the poor, and the Mayor said they were trying to help them so they could get sober, and better thier lives. I asked the Mayor why they promoted sin and alcohol so much since this kills people, and is destroying lives. If they really wanted to help people, they would stop this. He laughed, and said they were there to "help people", and I could see that obviously he was not going to do anything about stopping the promotion of sin in the city of Las Vegas. I told him (the Mayor)this was hypocrisy, and that they were destroying lives by thier promotion of sin. Eventually the debate became uncomfortable for them, and I could tell it was the end of our conversation. I then went and talked to reporters in the park, and let them know about how I was arrested for sleeping outside (I let Trina and Oscar know also), and about what Oscar Goodman said about not doing anything to stop the sin in Las Vegas, while at the same time saying he wanted to "help people." The reporters agreed with me that this was hypocritical, and took many notes. We exchanged info, and said our goodbyes.

From Josh, Fri, 30 Jun 2006:
Praise Report,Wed, 26 Jul 2006:

To my awesome friends in CHRIST JESUS,

Today, by the grace of GOD, I stumbled upon a council meeting that was in progress around 4:30 pm today. After security checked my bag and read my evangelism sign, I walked in and saw Oscar Goodman and three council people on each side of him. They were discussing zoning issues, and it appeared there was a power struggle between council members from what I observed. After many arose to speak from the public once the council had finished talking, I waited for my opportunity/open door to witness. Finally a door opened from a statement I heard, and I went before the council. I let them know my name and that I was a street preacher. I then unfurled my sign with thes kull and crossbones that reads, "sin leads to Hell, Obey Jesus, be sober, etc . .... " (The same sign I sent to you) .

Oscar had made a statement that he and the council care for those in the city. I told them that if they were to pass a law that would not allow the poor to be fed, they did not care for the people of the city. I stated that they likely care for those in power. I encouraged them to make the right decisions since there are serious consequences to their actions. Since I knew little of the issue, I kept my comments short, but do hope and pray that GOD's Word will not come back void! Please pray the Mayor,all citizens and all council people get saved in Las Vegas. Please pray the evangelism sign I showed them is shown to many millions on TV since I was recorded in their council chambers today showing it. Please pray many more are saved soon. I thankyou so much for your prayers that I know cause many more to hear GOD's Word and get saved, and I hope to hear from you soon!GOD bless you!

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