Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Article #2

Not to exclude all the great artices that have been written in the past, but I would like to share a few of the latest great articles here- in no particular order.

First, thank you to the writers/reporters/editors of the Las Vegas City Life, Las Vegas Sun, and the Las Vegas Review Journal who have kept the homeless/poverty issue out in the media.

I know I have written personally to some of you in the past, and please forgive me if I haven't. You, the media, will be the true heroes when we bring about positive, social changes. Thank you.

Op-Ed: New Las Vegas Law Against Feeding Homeless Underscores City's Real Motivations

Op-Ed by: Tim King

The city most efficient at creating homeless people now says they will arrest you if you feed them.

(SALEM) - The city council of Las Vegas, Nevada took down the town's typical facade this week, when they voted to make it illegal to feed homeless people in a park. No glitz, no neon, just the real heart of America's cruelest city laid open like a book.

Now I readily admit that I am no fan of Las Vegas, having survived five years in TV news there between '96 and '01 working for both the NBC affiliate and the FOX station. I think I could say that for the most part, I saw it all.

There just isn't a place that measures up to Vegas when it comes to certain things, like homeless people. The place is designed to create homeless people, and now the city is legislating the starvation of those who lose it all.

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