Friday, July 21, 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada Homeless,
New Laws Updates

Sorry if this is not all in the order of events. It has been quite hectic here with all the political BS.

I also apologize that in the beginning of my new "venture" that I didn't realize that poverty and homelessness WAS political.

Oh, if I only knew. Would I have still wanted to "just help" those in need?

This new law was proposed on Wed., July 19, 2006 and the (city of las vegas, nevada) council unanimously passed the ordinance.

57. Bill No. 2006-37 - ABEYANCE ITEM - Prohibits within City parks the providing of food or meals as would typically be provided in a rescue mission or shelter for the homeless. Proposed by: Bradford R. Jerbic, City Attorney

Definitions: (See: Rescue Mission or Shelter For The Homeless)

Rescue Mission or Shelter For The Homeless. A building that is used or intended to beused to provide to homeless individuals temporary accommodations, shelter, meals or any combination thereof. For purposes of this Title, a “homeless individual” includes an individual who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.

Feeding homeless outlawed

ACLU calls measure unenforceable

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