Sunday, July 30, 2006

Question for City Attorney Brad Jerbic

Dear Mr. Jerbic,

When did the City try to "negotiate" with me. And which mission offered me the use of their facility?

Well, this is something else. I am fifty years old and the politicians and lawyers still surprise me.

This is the second time that City Attorney Brad Jerbic has outright lied (or spread bad information around?) about anyone offering to "help" me.

BBC, THe World Tonight, Friday edition:

(this broadcast will be available for 7 days)

Beginning of segment: Playing time 16:20:46

Jerbic: (Playing time 16:26:30)

...the missions that have kitchens that provide food have offered Ms. Sacco an opportunity to work with them and use their abundant facilities to provide more meals.

City Attorney Brad Jerbic said the city tried to negotiate with the ACLU and Sacco, including attempting to find a place where Sacco could provide food to the homeless.

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