Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Article #1 Las Vegas City Life

Not to exclude all the great artices that have been written in the past, but I would like to share a few of the latest great articles here- in no particular order.

First, thank you to the writers/reporters/editors of the Las Vegas City Life, Las Vegas Sun, and the Las Vegas Review Journal who have kept the homeless/poverty issue out in the media.

I know I have written personally to some of you in the past, and please forgive me if I haven't. You, the media, will be the true heroes when we bring about positive, social changes. Thank you.

Mean old town, Las Vegas City Life

by Meredith McGhan

For a nation based on Judeo-Christian values, or so say its staunchest patriots, we're not an awfully compassionate lot. Just look at the homeless-hating in the letters sections of local media or issuing like bile from the mouth of our mayor. Far be it from me, a person with little inclination toward organized religion, to try to tell others to act more Christian. But for God's sake, people, if you're going to push the whole Yahweh-destroyed-Sodom schtick, then give equal time to this quote from Matthew, where Jesus says: "If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give it to the poor, and then you will have treasure in Heaven." (Matthew 19:21).

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