Friday, July 28, 2006

First Day for New Ordinance,
Can't share food with the Needy

Yesterday, we went to the park as usual. "I" had not decided what "I" was going to do, whether to share in the park or on the sidewalk across the street from the park.

Sometimes we have a plan. Sometimes we don't. This was a minute by minute plan.

I thought we should share on the sidewalk to show how foolish the new ordinance is. And that it would "look worse" for the city that so many people in cars could actually SEE homeless people. (Oh my!) But I didn't want anyone to get hit by a car crossing this busy street, or get arrested for jaywalking or impeding pedestrian traffic-- even though there are very few pedestrians in this area.

I get uneasy with the media when they portray us as "openly defying" the city ordinance.

I think Ryan said it best.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"...But for the activists who brought the meal and those eating, it was simply sustenance.

"I wouldn't call this civil disobedience," said Ryan Staples, an activist with Food Not Bombs. "It's not civil disobedience when you've been doing something for years, and someone suddenly passes an ordinance that says it's illegal."

Mom: Food is a Right, not a privilege. Food and water are necessary to simply survive. No one has a right to target one specific group and tell them where they can eat and where they cannot eat. If it's good for one then it's good for all.

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